The New A/W13 Make-Up Trend

  • Simple Make-Up is hot for A/W13, but there are a few things you need to get in order to pull off this ‘just rolled out of bed’ look. Because unfortunately, most of us aren’t so lucky to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model. 

    First thing you need is a Primer. These little pots of cream are miracle workers, they keep your foundation in place and smooth out your creases.

    Next you need a foundation, you don’t want one that’s too thick so try ‘CLARINS Extra Comfort Foundation - £35’, it’s a little pricey but this will last you a long time and leave you looking plump and glowy in no time.  When applying your foundation it’s important to sweep upwards with your fingers or brush – we don’t want to help gravity too much.

    Next you need a blusher, for this look a cream blusher is best as it will blend easier making your look more natural, try ‘BOURJOIS Blush Exclusiv - £7.99’ this blush is pH reactive so gives you a unique blush that’s all your own.

    The final step for this look is mascara, now we don’t want black and glam, we want brown or clear. Give ‘BARRY M Clear Mascara - £4.99’ a go. This one is great for picking lashes up and making your eyes pop.

    And that’s it, you are ‘rolled out of bed I don’t need make up look’ done. Flawless, bare and beautiful.

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