X-Citing Times For The X Factor Final Few

  • Saturday nights have had a ‘jar-mazing’ transformation as the sofa and the snacks replace late nights out. But we would not be sacrificing a night on the town for anyone so this can only mean one thing; we've got a date with Gary, Louis, Nicole and Sharon as the X Factor is BACK.

    We've been tuning in to the ‘out of tune’ for almost a decade and the show has seen the birth of many world renowned stars since it began in 2004, as well as some of the comedy acts that left us squirming on our sofas.

    But with the acts that became a success –  from Leona Lewis to James Arthur it’s no surprise that hundreds of thousands of people apply each year for one of the most famous singing competitions in the world, in hope of following in the footsteps of the show's successful stars and to make a successful singing career.

    There has also been controversy regarding the new double-stage auditioning process in which contestants performed in front of the judges, before facing the crowds in a jam packed arena. Is this for added pressure as the weaker contestants crack or simply to add a new dimension to the show?

    Whether it’s for testing their strength or to give the show a new twist, the thousands of contestants have been whittled down to just 24 and we take a look at the ones to watch and wonder who will be the next to see their singing dreams come true...

    In Louis’ boys category the audience was wowed by cheeky chappy Giles Potter whereas the girl’s category, which is mentored by Nicole, sees style and individuality in contestants such as Relley Clarke.

    Our hearts have been melting for father Joseph Whelan in his second attempt to steal the countries hearts after being sent home during Bootcamp last year with regular appearances from his son. As Sharon made the tough decision about who to take through to her final six it seemed she believed he really did deserve a second chance and chose to put him through to Bootcamp once again. 

    For the groups there is another act who are trying their luck for the second time. Rough Copy are back but will they make it further this year or will one of the girls bands impress the judges and public and become the next big thing?

    Whilst the winner is for now uncertain, one thing is for sure, this year's contestants are as eclectic as ever and only time will tell know will be crowned the winner of X Factor 2013.

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