What To Wear To A Job Interview

  • Interviews can be difficult to get these days and just as difficult to dress for! Should you play it safe and go smart, or should you dress to reflect your personality? When is a suit suitable and when should you steer clear? Should you wear heels, or reduce the risk of an embarrassing ankle twist and stick with flats? Here is a quick guide for how to decide...

    How should I dress for an office job interview?

     If you are being interviewed for a role within an office, it is generally not going to be appropriate to turn up in a mini skirt and crop top! You want to show that you are professional and serious about the job, yet find a way to stand out from the other candidates. A loose fitting blouse with a below-the-knee midi or pencil skirt says smart yet stylish and a pair of court heels (we’re talking three inches or less here ladies) will give you height whilst posing less risk than the six inch stiletto! Finish the outfit with a tote bag in the same shade as your heels for an elegant office look.

    How about for a fashion job?

    The clue is in the title here, and in my opinion a fashion role invites a bit more creativity for how you dress. This doesn’t have to mean that you arrive to the interview in an outrageous outfit in the hope of starting a new trend, but showing that you are familiar with the current trends can only work in your favour. Take a look at the catwalks of the season and take inspiration from there, a subtle injection of a current trend is unlikely to go unnoticed by those working within the fashion industry – it’s their job after all!

    How should I do my hair and make-up?

    Your hair and make-up can be just as important as your outfit itself so consider whether today is the best time to be sampling your green glow in the dark eye-shadow! Tying long hair back can look more formal than having it lose but remember that a pony tail isn’t the only option; try a French plait or a neat bun. Painting your nails in a neutral shade is a much safer option than shaking hands with chipped orange nail varnish left over from a night on the town.

    Forward thinking...

    There’s no use leaving your house looking amazing, if you are going to arrive at the interview flustered, sweaty and half an hour late! Plan your route and get there early to avoid any added stress. Check the weather forecast and take an umbrella as you do not want to end up getting caught out in a heavy downpour!

    You want to look good for your interview but remember that how you are dressed is unlikely to be the decider on whether or not you get the job. Go along to the interview as prepared as you possibly can be, with knowledge of the company and the role and think about how your skills could be applied to that. So hit the shops, do your homework and the best of luck!