My Top Five Summer Beauty Products

  • The UK’s recent heat wave has finally given us the chance to showcase our summer wardrobes, but achieving the perfect bronzed look involves more than just spending time enjoying the sun. Dig out the wax strips, lather on the sun cream and unveil those pins for the summer is finally here! Here are my top five beauty products to see me through the season...

    1. Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion: This is literally my number one beauty box staple. The deliciously scented apricot moisturiser builds up a streak free gradual tan and is great value too – a 250ml bottle costs around £5 and can produce just as good a result as the higher priced alternatives.

    TOP TIP! I apply this tan every other night for about a week to build up a gorgeous golden glow. It is important to keep your skin well moisturised on the nights in between to avoid your skin drying out, and to prevent the tan from going patchy.

    2. Body Shop body butter: I have tried countless amounts of different moisturisers in the past and this is the one that I now use every day. It comes in many different scents so each time I try out a new one! My favourite so far would be the raspberry or the passion fruit. A 200ml sized tub usually costs £13 but the product is often on offer, so I always stock up whenever there is a deal on.

    TOP TIP! Apply the moisturiser after showering when your skin is still damp for silky smooth skin.

    3. Maybelline ‘Fit Me’ foundation: This foundation gives my skin even coverage and I wear it through the day or for going out at night. It is available in a number of shades, but I have found that my perfect colour is ‘Natural Beige’ (number 220) as this is matches the colour of my skin when I have a light tan. The foundation costs around £7.99 and lasts for weeks and I have found that it is ideal for me because it gives me even looking skin for a low price.

    TOP TIP! Apply moisturiser as a base under foundation as it prevents the skin on your face looking dry. On sunny days, I often choose to wear no foundation at all, to allow the sun to my skin, but always remember to apply sun cream to your face to protect yourself.

    4. Sun cream: I carry a bottle of sun cream where ever I go at the moment, so that I can continue to apply it throughout the day. It is vital that you apply sun cream regularly on hot days to protect your skin from burning and from sun damage.

    TOP TIP! Keep a bottle of sun cream in your bag so that it is with you at all times (after all, a women wouldn’t leave the house without her handbag!)

    5. A good deodorant: It’s not a pleasant sight for people when you lift up your arms to reveal a nasty sweat patch! And during these hot summer days, an effective deodorant is a must! I use roll-ons as they are handy for carrying in your bag.

    TOP TIP! Look for one that has ‘no white marks’ if you want to avoid your clothes turning white when you apply it to dark coloured clothes – not a good look!

    This warm weather has been long awaited so make the most of Britain’s summer sun, put on your fave dress, slip on some sunnies and enjoy it while it lasts because it might not be long before the return of the rain.

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