Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Summer to Autumn

  • Summer, inevitably, will soon be turning to autumn, so it`s time for the fashion-conscious to start the transition. After all, you want to lead the way, not follow, right? The good news is that you don`t need to ditch the whole of your summer wardrobe yet, just start to make that cross-seasonal move. So how is it best to do this?

    Divide to rule

    Begin by looking at your summer wardrobe and seeing how much of it is likely to make the grade in autumn. Some key autumn trends are already emerging, such as:

    Ladylike, retro dresses
    Punk influences (lots of tartan)
    Camo print
    Shiny fabrics
    Darker coloured florals

    Chances are, a good chunk of your summer clothing will already show these influences, so put those items aside. Take a long, hard look at what is left: is there anything there that might be versatile enough for autumn, or that you love so much you want to carry on wearing regardless of trends? 

    You will now have two sets of clothes - summer and transition clothing. By all means carry on wearing your summer clothes, but it`s the `transition` pile that we want to concentrate on now.


    Taking your transitional clothing, imagine that it`s autumn and decide what is missing. Since the weather will be colder, you will be needing some form of outerwear. A great choice for the summer/autumn crossover is the leather biker jacket. Not only does this hit the leather and punk influence trends directly (extra fashion points if you can score a tartan trim or lining!) but if you buy carefully, it`s an investment piece that will last you for years. An alternative is a wool overcoat - both masculine tailoring and oversized items feature in some of the couture catwalk autumn/winter collections. There are currently some gorgeous, putty pink cashmere overcoats on the market but you will have to move quickly to lead this trend; they are selling out fast.


    Unless you plan to have your heating on full blast for the next few months, a few jumpers or cover-ups are a good idea. Pink is the key colour and cashmere the classic fibre. As we have seen, oversized is in so do not go buying fitted jumpers now, unless you plan to rock the retro `ladylike dress` look that is also in; particularly if said dress is in a dark-coloured floral print. 

    If pink is not your thing, there is also a monochrome trend that is most evident in the current use of houndstooth. So black and/or white would be good alternative colours. These look great worn with blocks of bright, shiny fabrics.

    On your feet

    The final question is that of footwear. It`s not winter yet, so hold back on the knee length boots and even the ankle-length versions. Yet it is soon going to be too cold to wear your summer sandals. A good compromise (and strong fashion trend) is to opt for hi-top or mid-top shoes, especially if they pick up on key trends in terms of colour and print. Look for camo and animal prints in particular. As with all things footwear, the label is important, so check out established names like Vans shoes.

    So there you have it, a few quick and easy ways to ease from summer into autumn without losing your place at the head of the fashion pack. Now that`s all organised, all you need to do is plan what you`re going to be wearing for Christmas!

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