Meet New People Near You

  • Meeting new people isn't easy when your life is hectic and you're trying to balance family, work, or studies. 

    So Sexy Social can help groups of people with shared interests organise events for online and offline activities. Pick a time and place, discuss and chat about event details, and share content. It could not be easier! 

    Parties, clubbing, films, concerts, dating, sports, and special events can be created around anything. Event guests can share updates, links, music, photos, and videos. Members can RSVP when invited to events so event creators can easily track attendance. RSVPs can be updated if plans change. Share photos with event guests. Event guests can tag, share, like, and comment on photos.

    So Sexy Social also makes it easy for anyone to organise a local group or find one already meeting up face-to-face.  Members can create groups to socialize around any topic with other members who have similar interests. Group members can share updates, links, music, photos, and videos. Whatever the topic, group members will enjoy sharing and socialising. 

    Meetings happen every day in bars, restaurants, cinemas, and theaters. There are many great ways to make new friends, meet new people, and find out what's happening around you. Checkout bars, clubs, restaurants, parties, special events to help plan your time out! 

    Join So Sexy Social for free and you can create your own group or event, share photos, and chat about what you're doing and events you're planning.

    So Sexy Social offers many great ways to meet new people and socialise online and offline.