Online Dating - Why Do People Lie?

  • Online dating has exploded in popularity. We're constantly checking our texts, tweets, and emails seeing if this girl or guy is messaging us.

    But with this pervasivness has come a degree of duplicity. Why do so many people online appear to lie about they're actually looking for?

    So much time is often wasted messaging online without the other side ever intending to meet you. There are those who pretend they are looking for a serious relationship but are really hiding behind the fact they are really looking for a one night stand, or there are those that are just looking to flirt.

    Sometimes people don't even bother to read a profile and when you meet for a date they have no idea you maybe vegetarian, or a Christian, or interested in yoga.  

    Often once you meet in real life the person isn't who you want to meet. There is often a certain mystique behind the screen, which can easily be shattered in real life. 

    Perhaps this is not so surprising when more than 80 per cent of people on online dating sites lie about their height, weight or age on dating profiles. Women typically trim about several pounds from their weight, while men typically add an inch to their height.

    Instead of online dating sites people are now finding love on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which tend to be a bit more laid back. You can fact check people by looking at their old tweets, facebook postings, their friends, and more, so you can get more of an idea of a person and their interests. 

    What is attracive about social media is that it is not as direct, not everyone is single, not everyone conforms to a checklist.  With online dating sites people often go into shopping mode, clicking to the next page without giving anyone a chance.

    Online dating can help you understand what you really want in a partner if what people put in their profile and tell you online is true.  There is a difference in approach between men and women with regards to online dating. Women tend to guage more from a profile than men do.  

    Sadly the rate of rejection is often quite high on online dating sites but we can take comfort from the fact that online rejection is easier to accept than rejection in real life. The computer gives the filter and protection of rejection.

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