The Revolution in Dating and Making New Friends Online

  • Since the internet took off 20 years ago there has been a revolution in the way we meet new people, make friends, new relationships, fall in love, and not just on dating websites, but also on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.  

    Some people just find it easier to communicate with people through text than through speech and eye contact.  You have more time to think of responses when you are communicating online, and don't run the risk of stumbling over your words when you are nervous.

    When you’re online and not face to face you can find yourself saying things you’ve never told anyone before – not even your best friend. It’s amazing how easily people open up to each other online.

    Quickly you can exchange photos and if he or she likes what they see you’re in luck. Gradually, your messages can become more flirtatious and that’s when you can arrange to meet up.

    You're always a bit nervous when you meet someone from the internet. So much is unknown, expectations built up online, sometimes over a sustained period of time can easily shatter into disappointment in real life.

    While lots of people meet onine nowadays, there's still a bit of a social stigma around it – somehow it's cooler and better to meet someone in a nightclub while drunk.

    Meeting online does mean that if you do form a serious relationship you have the chance later to go back through your early messages to each other. It can be amazing to see the exact words you'd used when you first met. 

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