So Sexy Network Just Got More Social

  • So Sexy Social, the sexy social network site for everyone, has just got even more social!

    From your So Sexy profile page you can easily communicate with all your other social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and many more. Publish, see what your friends are doing, message your friends, find what music your they listen to, what videos they like, share and socialize.

    Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Last.Fm, LinkedIn, Flickr, Yahoo, Youtube ... you name it. All the social, right here on So Sexy. 

    You can easily sign-in via Facebook, Myspace, Google, Yahoo and 37 other social networks, even importing your photo and profile information making you feel instantly at home.


Update your status, and publish all your activities, to all your networks with just one click. Bring your friends, and their updates and activities, from all your networks all in one place. Message, tweet, reply .. right here, right now.

    There are many great reasons to sign up for So Sexy Social today. It's free, it's fun, and it's not Facebook!

    So Sexy Social is social network site connecting people with friends. Chat, make friends, post profiles, videos, photos, and blogs for free. Showcase, share, and be seen on the sexiest social network on the planet!